GNR Update

Wow, what an incredible race and atmosphere! The Great North Run (GNR) was everything everyone said it would be and more, the crowd was amazing, the residence along the route turned out and cheered all the runners on, even offering, sweets, water, ice cubes and beer!!

Keith had an amazing experience, he completed the 13.1 miles in 3hrs and 8 minutes. It was a hard and emotional run, but knowing Aiden was there waiting for him at the end helped to spur him on.

Little did Keith know that it had been arranged that Aiden would be waiting just before the finish line, ready to be handed to Keith so they could cross the finish line together. It was a wonderful moment for everyone.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported, encouraged and donated to Keiths training and achievement. Thank you all so much.

The attached video shows the moment Keith and Aiden, along with our friend Al cross the finish line, you can just see how emotional it was and such an amazing achievement for Keith.

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