Aiden’s 2020

Wow what a year, 2020 has certainly thrown many new challenges our way.  We were unable to take Aiden to Napa LA and the Smile Therapy Centre in Canada, his usual in person physio was replaced with virtual therapy, we’ve missed friends and family but we’ve also made sure we cherished every extra moment we had together.  We’ve tried to cram 12 months into a 5 minute video!! 

Aiden has been remarkable throughout, taking all  the changes to physio, schooling and life in this stride.  He has developed a new found love for music, creating his own Spotify playlist, learning Tik Tok dances and playing Just Dance! 🕺🏻 

He loves to bake, he’s worked out how to FaceTime, he’s tried hard at all his therapy (home and back in person).  He’s returned to school the without hesitation, he can spell, order numbers and make his intention clear. 

We know this year has been difficult for so many and the following months most likely will be too.  We know many of our therapy trips in 2021 will most likely be cancelled but we know Aiden will face everything with a smile.

We thank you all for your ongoing support and wish you all a happy and healthy 2021 xx

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