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Whilst Aiden was being cooled by the ice blanket we were approached by the research team based at The Rosie, we were asked if we would consider letting Aiden take part in a new research project.  We didn’t hesitate to say yes, we knew if other parents had not consented for their children to be part of the Toby Trials for the ice blanket we wouldn’t have had that lifeline.

Aiden was going to take part in a seizure study, the blow flow and oxygen levels in his brain would be measured and recorded on 3 separate occasions, whilst he was being cooled, whilst being warmed up and once at normal body temperate. All Aiden had to do was wear a hat with lots of wires coming out, we were happy to consent. We then found out Aiden was going to be the first full term baby to undertake the research whilst being cooled, he’s our little pioneer.

From here our association with Action Medical Research has grown and grown.  Aiden was asked to be the face of the 2014 Christmas Appeal, which raised over £13,000.00!!

We have been down to the AMR Headquarters in Sussex, where Aiden was lucky enough (twice) to meet Paddington Bear, AMR’s mascot.  We also trailed around London looking for the Paddington Bear statues when they were out in the summer.

Aiden has also featured in a museum exhibition, charting the research and successes of AMR and Paddington.

Aiden’s story features on the AMR website at,

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