Napa Intensive #6

It’s 4 weeks since we returned from Aiden’s 6th intensive therapy session at the NAPA Center in America and it’s safe to say he’s going from strength to strength.

Aiden worked so hard while he was away and it’s noticeable how much stronger his legs are, that he has more control over his trunk and his vocalisations have increased. It’s so wonderful to see him making progress!

Each time we go we always select a few areas to work on, this time it was his core, weight bearing through his arms and communication.

Aiden currently uses an eye gaze to communicate his needs, it’s still a work in progress but he’s making great progress. However this piece of kit is heavy and although we can take it out with us it’s easier to use on a preset stand. So, Napa helped us to download the correct app onto his iPad which will allow him to access the same vocabulary. He can’t use his yes on the iPad so we worked on uses switches to scroll through the words and to select the word he needed. He took to it like a duck to water!! This is more portable and we can also use the iPad without the switches and ask him to point or nod/shake his head to let us know which words he wants.

His weight bearing through his arms increased, he can now hold a 4 point knee position for a short time. His core has improved and it’s noticeable how much straighter he is along with better head control.

We couldn’t keep providing Aiden with this opportunity if you wasn’t for all his supporters, we thank you all.

Now check out his video to see what he got up to and don’t forget to share 💚💪🏻👦🏼🇺🇸

Napa Intensive #6

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