Saying mama

Huge news, our clever little man has mastered the word ‘mama’, he worked really hard on this while we were away at the Napa Centre and ever since it’s been getting clearer and clearer.

He not only can say mama but has been consistently using the sounds ‘r’, ‘b’ and ‘g’ for red, blue and green.  We are working on papa and many more sounds.

If you ask Aiden what a noise a dog makes he’ll confidently tell you ‘wu wu’ (woof woof).

Quite unexpectedly from all the new sounds he’s been making he’s manged to put them together to make the word ‘wa ta’ (water) and has coupled this with the word ‘more’.  It’s wonderful for him to be able to ask for more water at meal times or just when he’s thirsty, it must be a great sense of independence, he really works hard to form his words and sounds and this is a big accomplishment for him,

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