Skate park

Aiden is classed as non mobile and so it’s very important for us to let Aiden experience freedom of movement as much as possible.  At the weekend we were supporting Action Medical Research, handing out medals to all those taking part in their Essex100 cycling fundraiser.

It so happened that we were very near the skate park, Aiden spent a lot of time watching the other kids on their scooters, skateboards and bikes and was clearly desperate to go over and have a turn.  Aiden was being so good that we just had to let him have a turn and he absolutely loved it!

We only let Aiden go on the small ramps but I’m sure if he’d had his way he would have been whizzing down the biggest ramps, this boy is fearless.  It so lovely to see him completely enjoy himself, he looked carefree and was having  blast.  He only has a few words and he was using “more” over and over as he just wanted to keep going.

Check out the smile on this little lad . . .


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