Rifton Pacer Assessment

While we were at the NAPA Center Aiden tried out a walker called a rifton pacer.  Aiden is very driven and loves being up on his feet, he adored being upright and with practice he began to move his feet one in front of the other, this sounds simple but it takes a lot of coordination and effort.

On our return home we discussed the possibility of having an assessment here for walker, our physiotherapist agreed and in June Aiden was assessed or a rifton pacer.  Aiden did so well in his assessment the walker was order and now we are just waiting for delivery.

From the assessment we realised that Aiden would benefit from wearing heavier shoes, when trying the walker in his regular shoes Aiden kept bringing up his feet up.  Luckily there were some shoes of the right size in stock which instantly made a difference, Aiden began keeping his feet on the floor and started to move the walker by himself.  It was quite amazing what a little bit of added weight to his shoes could do.

Having a walker will actively help Aiden’s weight bearing ability and improve his coordination, it will be a long road for him to walk unaided but this will be a positive start for him.

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