Olly Murs got to meet me!

We’re very fortunate to be ambassadors for the charity Brainwave, they enable Aiden to have additional therapy and provide us with a home program we can follow to help support him.

We attend the southeast centre and as a local guy Olly Murs is patron for the charity.  Whilst we were in LA doing Aiden’s intensive therapy at Napa we were very lucky to meet up with Olly Murs, this was arranged though Brainwave and Olly’s tour manager.  We were able to spend a short time with Olly taking about our amazing Aiden, what we were doing in LA, Brainwave and how all of these efforts have helped Aiden progress and develop.

It was a lovely meeting and Olly was a genuine friendly guy who was interested in Aiden, his development and how Brainwave had come into our lives and how it has helped Aiden.

IMG_6118 IMG_6116


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