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Thanks to everyone who supported and donated to our fundraising events we were able to take Aiden to the Napa Center in Los Angeles in March.  Aiden completed 3 hours of therapy everyday for 3 weeks.  It was hard and wonderful all at the same time, Aiden was pushed and exceed expectation, he really is our little trooper.

Aiden’s therapy involved 2 hours of neurosuit and one hour of CME, both these therapies combined helped to strengthen his core, work on developing reflexes, working on correct postural techniques and getting him moving.

There were many tears (not just from Aiden), it’s very moving when you see your child upset but working so hard at the same time.  It was easy to see that the therapy was pushing him in a way he hadn’t been pushed before, but this allowed him to experience new sensations, new movements and perspective.

Aiden can roll but he cannot sit, crawl, stand or walk so his field of vision is either the ceiling, side views of everything or on his tummy.  Being in a walker allowed him to see life at eye level, being stood up allowed him to look around and sitting enable him to reach forward for objects, all of these actions need more development and it’s not a quick fix.  We will all be working hard to ensure Aiden carries out his exercises and develops his movement and coordination.

I really feel that Aiden has the drive in him to succeed, maybe it’s mother intuition but I sense that he wants to do things, wants to explore his surroundings, play with his toys, he gets frustrated when his body doesn’t allow him to do something but his mind is clearing saying “I want to do that, or I want to get over there”.  It’s our job as his parents to enable him with the skills to do what he wants, to provide the equipment which can ease his life and make it enjoyable, it’s a long road and not one I ever thought I’d be living but this boy is our world.

The Napa Center has rejuvenated our hope that Aiden can learn and develop and make progress, we know that he won’t lead a “typical” life but his life will be filled with love, admiration, determination, success and we will allbe there to experience a fulfilled life with Aiden.

There are so many therapies available at Napa and proven progress from other children and families that we have already booked again to go in November!! When we first went  I was nervous and anxious as to whether the therapy would work, now I’m filled with excitement and hope, I can’t wait to be back there.

All this therapy comes at a cost, but the biggest investment is seeing our son develop, gain knowledge and inch towards those milestones.  There will be no stopping this boy.

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