Aiden update 5


Wow what can we say, from the time we sent update 4 we have had the best news, Aiden was discharged from hospital, we are now home where we should be as a family.

The MRI results came back, the general news is that Aiden should have a good outcome, there are a few areas highlighted in the report but at this stage his brain is normally formed, his spinal cortex is fine, it appears he was a bit if a wriggler in the MRI but he is a baby after all, he will need further scans and follow ups but right now this is just fantastic news to us.

As of this minute Aiden is happily fast asleep in his swing after having a feed, both cats are chilled out in the sun and Keith and I are shattered, just how it should be!

We cannot begin to thank you enough for your love and support through this terrible time, we are looking forward to having sometime as a family and then we would love to start seeing everyone and showing off our beautiful little boy.
Love, Fleur and Keith


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