Aiden update 4


The last few days have been quick paced and eventful, Aiden was promoted to room 9 and only spent 2 nights here at the Rosie before we were discharged back to Broomfield!  This was fantastic news as they will only consider moving a baby when they are medically ready, Aiden had been making good progress and it was felt Broomfield could handle his care needs from here.  The ANTS team arrived and transferred Aiden to the special incubator for the journey, Aiden was kitted out with some yellow ear defenders for the journey, this was less stressful than his first trip up here and he spent the whole journey asleep.

We spent the next hour packing our unit up and saying goodbye to the friends we had made.  Driving back to Broomfield was both exciting and scary as we knew there would be a flood of emotions going back to the hospital where Aiden was delivered.

We arrived at Broomfield at about 2am and headed to the neonatal unit (NNU), Aiden was settled and happy, we spoke to the nurses in charge and then headed home for a few hours sleep in our own bed!

We spent the next day with Aiden learning how to bath him, reading to him and listening to the noises he now makes, he now has the hang of breast feeding and has found his voice.  Until now we had not heard Aiden cry and we were worried, however he was just a contented baby and had no need to cry, we mentioned our concern to a nurse and that night she left him to wake himself up and cry when he was hungry, we were so relieved to finally hear him cry!

We were eventually moved to a ‘rooming in’ room which is an ensuite room where baby can stay with you over night as if you were home! Aiden only woke twice and slept for 5 hours straight, mummy and daddy are very proud and relieved to finally get some sleep too!

Now we wait for the MRI results and to be told when we can take our brave precious little boy home.

Again we thank you for your continued support, love, messages and emails as without all of you we couldn’t get through this.  To us Aiden is perfect and has already changed our lives for the better, we cannot wait for the day he can meet you all.


Fleur and Keith


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  1. A wonderful peep into Aidens birth and progress. I take my hat off to this brave little boy and his devoted mum and dad x x x x x

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