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On Tuesday June 17th at 12:13am Fleur gave birth to our beautiful son Aiden Graeme Johnston Mitchell weighing 6lb 9oz.  Unfortunately as you have most probably heard there were complications with the birth which resulted in Aiden being starved of oxygen for some time.

Aiden was quickly taken away and worked on by a wonderful team, the first 2 hours we did not know whether he had survived or not.  Aiden is a little fighter and was moved to intensive care unit where the team begun to reduce his body temperature as he was suffering from hypoxia-ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE).  Aiden was assessed and the decision taken to transfer him to the Rosie Hospital at Addenbrookes where they could further reduce his body temperature to try and stop the spread of the toxins to his brain to reduce further damage.

Aiden was a star and travelled to the Rosie with the ANTS (acute neonatal transfer service) team on Tuesday morning, we were able to follow later that evening once Fleur had been discharged from the hospital.
At present Aiden is still wrapped in his ice blanket and his breathing is being assisted, he is suffering from seizures which need to be controlled as this can cause further damage to his brain, we may not know for some time how affected he will be.  We are spending time with him and reassuring him and love him so much but just don’t know what the future holds for our family and our brave little boy, we thank you so much for your support and we really couldn’t manage without it as this has been the most difficult time ever for us.

We want to respond to all your messages of support but we’re finding it difficult to do so as we’re emotionally drained, we wanted to give you all the information we could so you know what’s happening to us, Aiden is a fighter and we are just hoping and praying the damage is minimal but we are also realistic, Aiden is the most beautiful little boy ever and has stolen our hearts, please keep him in your thoughts as he needs every bit of hope and love out there.


Fleur and Keith


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